Your donation will go directly towards material used to support and educate pregnant families during labor and delivery as well as throughout the postpartum period, it also allows us to assist families who cant afford a Doula and better serve our community!

We seek to provide the best services to families for free.


Normally, a package for labor Doula support including prenatal visits, continuous labor support, and postpartum visits would cost between $700-$1200.

We appreciate you're generosity and support for Ma'at Birth Services and families!  

We are a non- profit organization dedicating to assisting families in the Twin Cities area.

You are greatly appreciated!

We serve low income women associated with the fostering care system, women in homeless shelters, half-way homes, and teens. These women are disproportionately impacted by a real crisis in the maternal heath unspoken crises of the United States. Inconsistent care likely contributes to racial disparities in maternal health outcomes often resulting  unnecessary interventions, discrimination and higher rates of complications in vaginal deliveries. The rates for complication for cesarean births increases five-folds. 

More than 700 women die each year in the U.S. from causes related to pregnancy or childbirth. Black women have a maternal mortality rate three times higher than that of white women. At least 60 percent of maternal deaths are preventable.. 



According to a 2017 Cochrane Database Systematic Review, “Continuous support in labor may improve a number of outcomes for both mother and baby, and no adverse outcomes have been identified. Continuous support from a person who is present solely to provide support, is not a member of the woman’s own network, is experienced in providing labor support, and has at least a modest amount of training (such as a Doula), appears beneficial.”