ABOUT MA'AT BIRTH (Doula Services)

Ma'at Birth Services was founded by Dechell Pendleton in 2016. I didn't know much about pregnancy when I was pregnant with my first child. So when it came to hospitals and doctors I just assumed they knew it all or that they would just automatically have my best interest. My labor was quick and my son was born healthy and perfect!  However while at the hospital and during labor I just didn't feel in control or free. I was never fully informed which left thinking I only had one option most times and I was never aware that I could refuse anything I didn't agree to! I also spent the entire time confined to the bed instead of being able to move around. When I found out I was pregnant the second time around I knew I needed to research everything I could. During my research I came across Doula's/ Birth Assistants and decided I needed to have one. It took us so long to find the perfect Doula but we finally did and she ended up being such a wonderful soul who helped me in ways she may never know. Her words of encouragement, pure energy and genuine spirit was everything I needed to birth freely and in confidence. Most importantly she gave me exact;y the support I needed while coaching me across the finish line. I knew I wanted to help families and be the extra strength they need to have a healthy successful labor, delivery and postpartum experience!


Our mission is to provide a superior, non- judgmental and compassionate support system to our clients throughout their child bearing years. We are here to honor and listen to you in order to ensure the type of birth you envision. I believe families are very capable of making informed decisions pertaining to their bodies and the bodies of their babies. We are here to help you find comfort in your choices and empower you to trust your inner wisdom by providing evidence based knowledge as well as experience and solicitude!